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Oke Gadget

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Japan Gadget

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 Japan toy giant Bandai has created a tiny controller that plays the actual sounds from the game. It will be released in March and is reported to sell for 888 yen. It’s a must for Nintendo fans out there.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Having The Right Child Toys Can Make A Difference

Learn to choose the best toys and games for your kid before entering any toy shop.

Ever found yourself in a child toys store… surrounded by tens… maybe hundreds of toys… with all sorts of attractive colors… but not knowing which one would be the right one for your child?

... when all of a sudden, a seller appears out of nowhere to try to convince you to buy a toy… usually an expensive one… without even asking you if your child is a boy or a girl?

After a few moments, you actually start believing the seller, and you’re only seconds away from paying for a toy with no guarantee that your child will like it.
In most of the cases, you would pay for it, only to go home and discover that your child does not want to play with the toy …

Is that you? Then, welcome! I will help you avoid such unpleasant moments.You'll know exactly what toys are right for your child from now on, and you won’t have to listen any more for any salesman’s predefined “convince to buy a toy" script.
You are the one who knows your child best and you are the only one capable of choosing the right toy for him.

Remember how it was when you where a child? What was your main activity? Was it working? Of course not. Your main activity was play. You had no concerns. You needed toys and your parents where supposed to provide you with them. They had to find toys you wouldn’t throw away and believe me, it wasn’t easy for them.
Now you are a parent and you are in the same situation as your parents years ago. You’re looking for toys that your child will like.

That’s why you must know how to choose the right toys. My parents made one common mistake: they would buy me toys that they considered wonderful.
But usually, when they would give me the toy, I would either consider it too girlish or too boring. It wasn’t fun for them to see how a toy they bought for me to play with would stay forgotten in my closet.

What's the best child toy for your kid?

Just watch your child closely to determine his preferred activities, skills level, preferred band(s) and movie(s), and so on.

Based on these observations you can get a clue on what types of toys your child would prefer. For instance, if your child loves the movie Lord of the Rings, I bet that he’ll also like Lord of the Rings toys…

Now don’t just go into the first toy shop and buy the first Lord of the Rings action figure you find. Observations aren’t enough. There are some other very important factors you must consider. Adding them into the equation helps ensure you that your child will have lots of fun with the toy you’ll choose to buy for him.
Factors to consider when choosing toys for children:

1. Child’s age - This is very important. If you buy toys too advanced for your child’s age, chances are that he might get injured.
Toy manufacturers struggle to make their products as safe as possible, but if you don’t follow their recommendations, your child may suffer.
On the other hand, if you buy toys made for children with age under that of your child, he will consider them too boring. The best thing is to choose toys designed precisely for your child’s age.

2. Gender - This is exactly what I said above that my parents bought me toys that I considered to be girlish. I’m a boy, but the same is with girls too. Any detail that may make the toy look as for the other gender than that of your child will make the toy undesired.

3. Toys your child’s friends play with - When your child is playing with his friends, watch to find out if he manifests interest in any of his playmate’s toys. If he does, then it’s very likely that he would like to have a toy similar the one his friend has.

4. Sometimes, a child tells his parents what toy he wants, thus saving them from a lot of hard work. But don’t count on this. Some children aren’t very keen to talk with parents unless they really want a certain toy.

5. Safety - This is the most important factor you must consider whenever you need to decide what toy you should buy for your child.
Unfortunately, this is also the most overlooked one. Usually, parents forget to check if the toy they choose for their children are safe.

6. Is it educational? - It’s a good thing if the toys you choose for your child can help him develop new skills. Take a look at this guide to choose a child educational toy for your kid for a better picture.
And please remember that the age difference between you and your kid is of at least 20 years. Just because you liked a toy when you were a kid doesn't mean that your child will love it too. Children from different generations like different types of toys.

Pay Attention on How You Give Your Kid the Toy

Once you have a toy to offer, don’t do it in a “Here’s your toy. Now go and play with it” manner. It won’t mean a thing for your kid, and next thing you know, that toy will end up at the back of the closet.
Instead, try to anchor good feelings to this event and the toy. Make a game out of it.

Hide the toy somewhere where he can find it, and encourage him to look for it. Laugh with him, search for it together… And when the he finds it, don’t leave him to play by himself. Your job is not done yet.

Get further involved in the play. Make it the fun of a lifetime. A parent is a child’s first and best friend. So be a good friend, and a good parent.
It’s not very difficult. It’s not easy either. But it can definitely be fun!
Children at different stages in their development, have precise needs that are fulfilled differently for every age.

We know that play accomplishes a lot more than giving the youngsters a good time, so actually choosing a good selection of child educational toys will help you as a parent use this opportunity to give you child a change to learn some new skills that will prove useful later in life. Such educational toys include construction such as LEGO or K’Nex.
ver the years, with each successful movie, hundreds of products meant to bring fans deeper into the movie universe have been releases. Not surprisingly, movie toys portraying successful characters have always been popular with kids.

With all the new spectacular video games that have been released in the last few years, PCs and consoles have taken a well deserved place in a kid’s life, so purchasing computers for children is an important investment parents do for their younglings.

In the list of things a parent must watch for, the child’s hygiene ranks top. And although some children don’t like it, you can make bath fun with a few bath toys and love.

Still in the realm of having fun with water, the pool is a place everyone love. Having a few pool toys that kids can use to throw water at one another is always a good idea. It's recommended that you have a special kid pool for those under 10.
With some children, you have to make sure the toys are as resistant as possible, because they just can’t stop breaking them. That’s why wooden toys are recommended in these situations. They’re not going to stop them from trying to dismantle them, but they’ll at least last longer. You could take a look at some wooden toy boxes that could help keep the room a little tidier.

When you hear girl toys, the first thing you think of are toy dolls. But when we say boy toys, we mean robot toys or toy trains.
And a word of caution on plush toys. They are fun and cute, but you should probably read this article before rushing to boy one.

Monday, June 16, 2008

5 tips for buying the safest toys for kids this holiday season

U-M pediatrician says lead shouldn’t be parents’ only concern when buying toys

ANN ARBOR, MI – It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but recent toy recalls are putting a damper on the joyful holiday shopping season.

As parents begin perusing toy stores with lists in hand, many worry about picking goodies that are safe for their little ones.

“I am very concerned about what toys to buy,” says Linda Mata, who is buying toys for her grandchildren. “You may buy them now, and then find out later that there is
a recall after the children have already played with them.”

Jolene Duckworth, a mother of two, is also being extra cautious this holiday season: “It is very important to know what types of toys are safe. The recent recalls due to lead have made me very worried about what to buy.”

While toys exceeding federal standards for lead content should be a concern, it should not be the only thing on parents’ minds while shopping this holiday season, says Sharon Swindell, M.D., M.P.H., a pediatrician at University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

“The fact of the matter is that although these toy exposures are a concern for children, the biggest risk of lead exposure is still in the homes of the United States,” she says. “Parents need to really look at the toy carefully and read the labeling for many other things too, including if it is age-appropriate for your child.”

To help parents become smart toy shoppers, Swindell offers these five tips to pick the safest and most appropriate toys for kids this holiday season.
Swindell's 5 tips for safe holiday toy shopping:

1. Don’t worry, but be vigilant. “The toy recalls have raised concerns about a number of features on imported toys,” notes Swindell. Check online for up-to-date recall information before heading out to the stores. Look for warnings about small parts, breaking, fire and choking hazards, as well asinformation about lead paint. “Even made in the U.S.A. does not mean it is a safe toy, so make sure to check all labels and recalls,” Swindell cautions.

2. Be cautious when shopping online. “There are pros and cons to online shopping,” Swindell says. While it may be more convenient, you are not able to hold the toy and examine it as effectively as you would in-person. If you prefer online shopping, Swindell recommends reading product reviews from multiple sources — by other customers and independent panels — to make sure the toy is safe.

3. Choose toys wisely to make your children wiser. “Toys that promote healthy behavior or require children to use their imagination should always be top picks,” Swindell says. Toys such as a new bike, a puppet or doll, a book, or anything that involves the active engagement of the child’s mind are good ways to promote mental activity and healthy habits.

4. Inspect toys carefully and always read the labels. “Toy testing is only done when the toy is intact, so even a safe toy can become dangerous,” Swindell warns. Broken toys must be thrown away. And before you purchase a toy, make sure it is well constructed. When pieces break off a toy, it can leave a sharp edge or cause a possible chocking hazard. When selecting a toy, make sure it is age-appropriate. “Age recommendations are made by independent review panels that look at the size of the parts, strangulation and choking hazards as well as the ability of children to use the toys according to their motor skills,” Swindell says

5. Research the toys on your little one’s wish list. If your child has been dying for a toy all year and advertisements for it seem to be popping up everywhere, make sure to check it out before you buy. Look online for any recall information, product reviews by other customers and independent panels. If you find that the particular toy is just not right, look for other, similar options. “If it is something that the kids have seen on TV or in a movie, try to find another toy that has that same theme but is just right,” Swindell says. For example, consider a puzzle from your child’s favorite movie instead of a movie action figure that may include small pieces.

And, before you buy, be sure to read these other toy-buying tips:

• Buying a bike, tricycle, scooter, or anything with wheels? Make sure to buy a helmet.
• Don’t forget books – they count as toys too.
• Organic toys are becoming more popular, but Swindell cautions that there is not yet a designated label that provides information about a toy being organic.
• Look for toys that are flame resistant, retardant or nonflammable.
• If the toy is battery-operated or requires recharging of any sort, have a parent do it. Serious burns and other injuries may result if not done properly.
• If you are buying a stuffed animal, doll or other toy that is filled, make sure the inside contents would not pose a choking hazard if the toy was ripped or broken. Avoid substances such as beans and pellets whenever possible.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Should My Baby Play Infant Online Games To Get Brighter?

Babies playing infant online games hold an impression of sheer brilliance. Many parents boast and show off their infant's superior intelligence once they can use a computer. What's more, parents already dream about their next Einstein or Da Vinci or…

In reality, very few of these apparently super bright kids excel at school.

Research found that literally thousands of children with superior intelligence struggle at school… even if they try hard. In almost all of these cases specialists in child development found one common factor…

These children lack a complete range of developmental skills

What does this mean? And what does this have to do with infant online games?

Simply this, children need a complete range of developmental skills for best infant and early childhood learning to occur. And without a complete range of skills it is almost certain that a child cannot excel at school.

Surprisingly enough… it doesn't need to cost you a penny to ensure your child develops a complete skills range. Exposing a child to various educational experiences give almost all of these skills. And when these experiences are given at the right time it's a good indication of your child's success in school and in other general life situations.

One more important point… correct developmental experiences don't just happen spontaneously. Parents must do a few simple things to ensure that their child gets the right experience at the right time.

Experts in child development have also determined that there is an optimum time for infants to learn specific skills. In simple terms… during the first few years your child merely must learn certain basic skills. Without these skills your child lacks a complete range of abilities. And incomplete abilities lead to serious learning problems at school.

The sad thing is, most of these problems can be prevented if parents know what their child really needs.

Let me share a secret with you…

Your baby doesn't need to play computer games to guarantee brilliance at school
Despite what you may have heard about the unbelievable stimulation of computer games, it's not best for your baby or toddler. Ignore only playing computer games during the first 4 years. It's much more important to develop skills such as knowing the simple directions of "left" and "right", learning "cause and effect" concepts, getting both hands and eyes to work together, and putting together and using all the information your child gets from eyes, ears, left and right, feelings and even thoughts. It's almost like getting a powerful computer to do the right things with all the data it gets from so many sources.

Your child can get all the right skills and experiences merely by playing games, doing ordinary day-to-day activities and playing with stimulating educational toys.
But let's say you don't believe this information and still decide your baby must learn the computer by playing infant online games. What then?

Truthfully, you will succeed teaching your baby to play infant online games. And your baby will be able to use a computer. But you'll only develop a "splinter skill" at best. In fact, your baby won't have a real skill. It's very much like building a house without a good foundation. The truth is... the house looks great now, but you'll soon see the cracks!

Last and final point...

Playing infant online games takes very important time away from specific and vital development activities your baby needs. And these activities are the ones responsible for children really excelling at school. So, ignore parents showing off their babies playing online games. Let your child rather build the right foundation to last a lifetime.

How To Quickly Find A Great Kindergarten Toy

"What top kindergarten toy must I get?"
"Very important question, since you can still drastically improve his performance at school if you buy correctly."
OK. Let's start by looking at the kindergarten kids themselves.
Firstly there's the "pretender and inquisitive" 4 year olds. And then the "more coordinated, more disciplined" 5 year olds and the "know it all" 6 year olds in this category.
Also, kindergarten kids start to work in groups, as friends become an important part of their lives.
Boys prefer educational kindergarten toys such as...
• Magnets
• magnet games
• Lego
• wooden blocks
• wood cut-offs
• simple woodwork toys, and...
• balls

Girls on the other hand like...
• crafts
• simple construction toys
• stringing of beads
• dolls
• costumes, and...
• sorting toys

And then there are evergreen kid toys such as...
• complex puzzles
• crafts
• simple card games
• small wheelbarrows
• ride-on toys
• dressable dolls
• simple board games

They may even fancy music instruments… very much like my second child… but I still believe that was more for making noises rather than being musically inclined. They will enjoy it nevertheless.
In my opinion, one of the simplest and cheapest… yet most important educational kindergarten toys you can have is a skipping rope. Nowhere will you find a toy that improves coordination, agility and timing so easily. Over a number of years I've seen many children drastically improve their basic sporting skills with a skipping rope. Your child will not be an exception. If there's one toy you must have... THIS is it!
Interest your child in his immediate environment by stimulating craft activities. In general I like to use water, sand, paint, clay, collage, foam, foam rubber, and aluminium foil activities.
Finally, it's great to encourage and improve your child's skills. But… DON'T only buy toys that your child like.